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FNZ invests in proptech Nokkel to provide visibility over property assets

  • Nokkel provides a free app which enables homebuyers to find off-market properties and directly engage potential sellers and homeowners to better understand and make the most of the value of their property.
  • FNZ’s investment forms part of a wider partnership that sees Nokkel’s innovative solution integrated into FNZ’s global wealth management platform to enable financial institutions to better capture the property asset class.
  • The partnership builds on the companies' shared ambition to open-up wealth by making wealth management more accessible to more people.

London, September 2022: Nokkel, the innovative proptech company that is helping homebuyers and homeowners bring their property dreams into focus, today announces Series A investment from FNZ, the global wealth management platform.

The investment forms part of a wider partnership that sees Nokkel’s market leading solutions integrated into FNZ’s global wealth management platform, furthering its mission of opening up wealth by empowering all people to create wealth through personal investment, aligned with things they care about the most.

By integrating Nokkel data into their platforms, financial institutions can offer customers a more holistic view of their entire asset portfolio – providing a wider range of people with a deeper understanding of their entire net worth.

Nokkel is determined to change how people think about buying, selling, and owning property – recognising that a dream home is not a one-off transaction, it’s a lifelong financial and emotional journey with many small steps along the way.

It intelligently consolidates property market data and has created a profile for nearly all of the UK’s 28 million residential properties, which owners can personalise, expand, and use to track important information including the value of their home.

This helps to unlock the residential property market for both owners and buyers. Buyers can use the Nokkel app to search within a significantly larger pool of off-market properties and receive alerts when their favourite properties come onto the market or, for truly must-have homes, they can express interest and chat directly with willing owners.

By building their property profiles and taking control of their data, owners will be better equipped to unlock a greater range of financial services – whether by registering value they have added to their home, making better use of value inherent in their property to get a better mortgage, or attracting motivated buyers without putting their house on the market.

Adrian Durham, CEO and Founder of FNZ, says: “Property is a natural extension of FNZ’s holistic approach to providing wealth solutions to financial institutions across the full wealth management spectrum. For many of us, our home is our most valuable asset – and one of the only assets where we can influence its value – and it shouldn’t be a portfolio afterthought.

“By investing in Nokkel we want to provide greater control and transparency over this asset – in line with what we have over our bank accounts, investments, and pensions. The aim is to enable our customers to better capture this asset class allowing them to deliver personalised financial advice and a set of solutions to as many people as possible, furthering our mission of opening up wealth.”

FNZ’s investment will help Nokkel to grow its team and establish standardised property information infrastructure by connecting the traditionally siloed property and wider financial services worlds. By accessing deeper data, Nokkel will help users do more with their property, whether that’s investing in it, taking equity out or simply increasing its value.

Roland Whyte, CEO of Nokkel, says: “Decisions around our homes, whether about buying, selling or how we live in them, have a huge impact not only on our finances but on all aspects of our lives. Yet the property market doesn’t make it easy for us. It’s illiquid, expensive, opaque, and slow – and it quite simply doesn’t serve its users. At Nokkel we want to do all we can to improve the experience.

“Partnering with FNZ as its exclusive provider of property solutions is a vital step on that journey. One which will enable us to create new solutions, supercharge our growth and, ultimately, help more buyers and property owners to realise their property dreams.”

The Nokkel app is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. More information can be found on the home.

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